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This is what Chandigarh’s daughter did today – 7th April 2014

This what Chandigarh’s daughter – Gulkirat Kaur Panag did today :

The Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate for the Lok Sabha elections – Gulkirat Kaur Panag began her day at 8:00 AM, with an interaction at the Tribune office, joining the editor and eminent citizens of Chandigarh to discuss critical issues that the city faces. Gul laid out her agenda for the development of the Chandigarh and her take on how to address the various issues the city faced.

Thereafter Gul went on a yatra through Sector 29, Tribune Colony and the Housing Board Colony. Gul discussed the salient features of her manifesto and told residents that “I will work hard to review the conversion of leasehold rights to freehold rights, and to rationalize the system of need based changes.” Gul added that “It is important that Chandigarh’s bye-laws are flexible and yet preserve the inherent character of the city. There should be harmony between legacy and the requirement of modern life.” Discussing the problems of the various Resident Welfare Associations’ Gul said that “The demands of the various Resident Welfare Associations’ fall on deaf ears. I will ensure that a conducive grievance redressal system is established to address the demands and issues of the Resident Welfare Associations.”

Moving on, Gulkirat’s next campaign stops included the villages of Raipur Khurd, Makhan Majra and Dariya. Gul called upon residents to think before casting their vote, as voting for an honest government is essential to bring about the much needed change in the country. Gul elaborated on her healthcare agenda and told residents “The long lines and the poor doctor-patient ratio in the PGI that we see today is a result of the breakdown of the primary and secondary healthcare in the city. Why aren’t our dispensaries adequately stocked? Why are there no healthcare facilities for the transit colonies? Why does Chandigarh have to beg for healthcare?” Gul lashed out at Mr Bansal saying “Mr Bansal should stop fooling the people of Chandigarh with the selective show of healthcare development in the city. In the last 15 years the primary and secondary healthcare institutions have been systematically destroyed, forcing the common man to run to the PGI or Sector 16 General Hospital for every small problem.”

Therafter Gul held a yatra through Mani Majra and Pipli Wala Town along with Colony No.4. Gul encouraged residents to exercise their franchise and vote in large numbers to bring in clean governance. Gul passionately added “This is not the time to sit on the sidelines and see our beloved Chandigarh destroyed bit by bit by the mainstream political parties, as they have done for the last three decades. You have a fresh alternative now – a clean, transparent and conscious alternative. Do not vote for corrupt and communal politics, vote for your future and your children’s future.”

Throughout the day Gul stressed upon the need to ensure a free and fair election in Chandigarh. Gul urged residents to keep in mind that “There are political parties known to attempt to buy your vote. Your vote carries your future and is a mark of the governance you deserve. Do not allow your vote to be sold or even an offer be made to you in this regard. Report it immediately. Lets stand united for a corruption free Chandigarh.”

The evening saw Gulkirat holding a Jan Sabha at Mauli Jagran and Vikas Nagar before going to the Government Quarters where she patiently heard out all the grievances of the workers present.

Gulkirat will end her day with a fund raiser dinner at the Whistling Duck restaurant.





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