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This is what Chandigarh’s daughter did today – 6th April 2014

This is what Chandigarh’s daughter Gulkirat Kaur Panag did today:

The Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate for the Lok Sabha elections – Gulkirat Kaur Panag began her day with a yatra through Dhanas, Dadu Majra and Maloya. Gul patiently laid down her development model for the villages colonies and said that ” Chandigarh’s villages and colonies need to be developed along the lines of mini townships, with equitable opportunities for healthcare, education and sanitation. Mr Bansal in the last 15 years has ignored this part of Chandigarh leaving the people to fend for themselves.” Gul added “In light of the fact that Mr Bansal has failed to fight for even basic rights of the villages and colonies, he has no right whatsoever to ask for your vote. Publishing a 20 page booklet on what he has done for Chandigarh does not change the ground reality.” Gul was candidly asked by a resident – what about Mr Bansal’s clean chit by the CBI, to which Gul sharply replied “The CBI has magically given Mr Bansal a clean chit after a 6 hour long interrogation, while it has countless pending cases? This is the same CBI that was forced to share a confidential investigation report with Mr Bansal’s government contrary to the directions of the Supreme Court in the coalgate scam, and now we should believe their clean chit? Even if we were to leave aside the railgate scandal, what about the booth scam which was committed against the people of Chandigarh, where Mr Bansal’s name figures again?”

The afternoon saw Gul holding a yatra through Palsora, Sector 56 and Khajeri. While addressing residents Gul said “The BJP and Congress are different sides of the same coin, upholding the same ideals of corruption, communalism and crony capitalism. Chandigarh has suffered and seen no development at the hands of both these parties.” Gul added that “The apathy that the BJP and Congress have for the people of Chandigarh is evident from the fact that the Congress chose to field a tainted former Minister, and the BJP has no interest in the people of Chandigarh but merely wants to add a seat for Mr Narendra Modi.” Reacting sharply to Mrs. Kirron Kher’s comment where she said that she is only here to add one more seat to Mr Narendra Modi, Gul said “We are the people of Chandigarh. It is our constitutional right to have a full time committed Member of Parliament, and not someone who would like to gift this seat to a prime ministerial aspirant.”

Hitting out at the critics of the Aam Aadmi Party over issues of national security, Gul said “Read our manifesto, where have we compromised national security and where have we compromised India’s position on Kashmir?” “Mr Prashant Bhushan’s views are his personal views which have been time and again clarified by the party. The BJP has sold the defence of the country, when its party president Bangaru Laxman – was caught on camera and later convicted for taking bribes in a fake arms deal. The coffin scam, bofors scandal, vip helicopter scam are more such examples where the mainstream political parties have compromised national security to fill their party coffers,” Gul added. Summing up her assertion Gul said “The BJP and Congress’s disdainful attitude towards ex-servicemen clearly shows how seriously they take the key stakeholders in national security. Both the Aam Aadmi Party and my local manifetso lay down a comprehensive agenda for the welfare of ex-servicemen.”

Throughout the day, Gul called upon residents to be cautious about the illegal means that mainstream political parties are known to use during election times to swing voters. Gul emphatically stated that “It is our duty as the people of Chandigarh to ensure a clean, safe and transparent election.”

Gul’s campaign was joined today by several local bands and singers who united under the banner ‘Swaraj Ke Sur’ to endorse the Aam Aadmi Party’s fight for a corruption free Chandigarh.

Gul ended her day with jan sabhas in Behlana and Shastri Market, followed by a grand volunteer and community interaction in Sector 34.

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