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This is what Chandigarh’s daughter did today – 26th March 2014

The Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate for the Lok Sabha elections from Chandigarh – Gulkirat Kaur Panag began her day meeting residents door to door in Hallo Majra and Deep Complex. The anguish of residents was clearly visible with the lack of development that they were subjected to. Gul candidly and patiently heard the residents and laid out her agenda for the villages and colonies, and promised to make healthcare, education and sanitation focal points for development.

Gul also showed residents a copy of the Chandigarh Newsline where Mr Bansal said that “I don’t say I will fetch the moon… I make realistic promises.” Holding a copy of the Newspaper up high which carried a photograph of Mr Bansal walking through the village Faidan, Gul pointed it out and said “look at the squalor and filth, the lack of drainage and sewerage facilities and the high potential of disease from contaminated water. Don’t promise the people the moon Mr Bansal, but having been Chandigarh’s MP for 15 years shouldn’t the villages and colonies have at least basic healthcare, education and sanitation?”
(Link of the Chandigarh Newsline article with the above referred to photograph –

Gul thereafter went to meet and thank members of the Kendri Sri Guru Singh Sabha for their unconditional support to the Aam Aadmi Party. Gul reiterated the Aam Aadmi Party’s stand and said that “we stand committed for a secular and equal India that is sensitive to the aspirations of the minority communities.”

Gul spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon meeting residents and shopkeepers in sectors 7,8,9,10 and 11. When asked about Mrs. Kirron Kher’s statement which was published by the Hindustan Times, Gul most respectfully said that “ I would not like to respond to Mrs. Kirron Kher’s derogatory remarks and I would recommend that Mrs Kher focus on understanding the issues and problems of Chandigarh, and worry less about my choices and credentials.” Gul further added that “ Mrs. Kirron Kher may think that Chandigarh is merely another seat for Mr Narendra Modi’s prime ministerial ambitions, but the people of Chandigarh deserve a full time MP who is committed to their cause and does not see them as a mere ‘ticket’.”
(Link of the Hindustan Times article-

Gul ended her day with a nukkad meeting in the grain market of sector 26 followed by a jan sabha in Bapu Dham.

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