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Gul Panag, AAP Candidate from Chandigarh’s daily press release (16/03/14)

Gul Panag, AAP Candidate from Chandigarh’s daily press release (16/03/14)

Daily campaign brief:

Gul Panag started her day with a Jan Sabha in Sector 29 which was warmly received by the residents. Thereafter Gul held one on one personal meetings with volunteer groups, followed by another Jan Sabha in Colony Number 4 in the early evening.The later part of the evening saw Gul reaching out to residents of Khajeri and Sector 41 through nukkad meetings.

While highlighting the nexus between corruption and misgovernance Gul mentioned that “the AAP’s fight for Swaraj is committed to reducing excessive discretionary powers in the hands
of netas and babus and to promote clean governance, that will make public services flow automatically and smoothly, without bribes or harassing delays.”

On Kirron Kher’s selection as the BJP’s Lok Sabha Candidate from Chandigarh:

Gul Panag, the Aam Aadmi Party’s Lok Sabha candidate, congratulates Ms Kirron Kher on her selection as the BJP’s candidate from Chandigarh. Gul admires Ms. Kher and respects her
highly both personally and professionally.

While Ms. Kher presents a fresh new face to the BJP in Chandigarh, Gul said a fresh face cannot change the reality of the BJP’s politics of corruption, communalism, patronage, robber baron cronyism, or its practice of securing votes by compromising voters.

Gul Panag further said that after “generations of corrupt, communal and dynastic politics, the people are clamoring for politics primarily concerned with justice, dignity, and security, which is why she is confident Chandigarh will vote for the Aam Aadmi Party.”

Gul Panag’s Schedule for 17th March 2014:

1100-1300 Visit Cheshire House (Sector 21), Mother Teresa Home (Sector 25) and the Institute for the Blind (Sector 26).

1600 – 1930 Visit Sector 17 Plaza and other markets in the vicinity.

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